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Time Is Punishment

by Hardside

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Hardside's debut LP is here, and it's incredible. 11 songs of metal influenced hardcore. Recorded by Paul Miner (H2O, Terror, Trapped Under Ice) and artwork by Linas Garsys (AFI, American Nightmare).


released July 14, 2012


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Hardside Texas

Hardside is a Metallic Hardcore Band From San Antonio TX
2009- 2019

Hardside is:
Zane Pugh - Vocals
Patrick Flanigan - Guitar/ Vocals
Ely Castillo - Drums
Sammy Pajac - Guitar

Twitter -
Instagram @hardside
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Track Name: Shut It Down
I, I shut it down i shut it out
Nowhere to go plagued with self doubt
My heat it beats barely alive
the would is cold i gotta survive

time is ticking away
counting down our days
i shut it down i shut it out

An eye for an my constant hate
got to control before its too late
nowhere to go nowhere to hide
life is a struggle but ive got to survive

I shut it down i shut it out
My life slips away
counting down my days
Track Name: Controlled
Look at you what have you become
sinking fast going straight to the bottom
how do you think this will end
controlled by your fate straight to your grave
cant think for your self
i will not go down with you
you can sink by yourself
with the things that control you

Straight to your grave
controlled by your fate

why did i have to believe you
i should have know how this would end
Afraid of what you would think
so i let you sink

So hopeless time is punishment
youre wrapped around your fate
unable to say no, thats how the story goes

Look at you what have you become
no ones perfect but you're a mess
these thoughts i cant escape
life moves forward but you regress
the bridge we had is burned to the ground
I will not go down with you
you gave up
i won't sink with you
Track Name: Can't Relate
Been here before im back again
lost with my self ill never win
and im paying for my mistakes
i only learn when its to late
some day ill feel the pain
some day ill feel the shame
ill feel what you feel until then I'm

locked out, caged in
i dont know why i shut you out
youre sincere, mind clear
I dont know you let me in

I never could relate
come to except my fate
fear of being alone
why go back when youve got no home
i live in the disguise cant see through your eyes
theres no hope for me you and i will never be

shattered im torn dont know where i belong
my minds the enemy so here i am
Track Name: Survive (O.T.S.S.)
Told me to prepare for the fucking worst
cause you never know when you end up in the hearse
no one is who they say they are
appearances arent what they seem
did your best to be someone you will never be

how could i ever believe a word out of your mouth
lie after lie the more i fucking doubt

Only the strong survive
how long do you think youll stay alive
its only a matter of time till your true colors show
youre on your own youre all alone

To afraid to ever trust again
what the fuck can i believe
you called your self a friend
im sick of this disguise its time
look the beast in the eyes
its me verses you
only the strong survive

youve taken your shot it wont break me
its time to hurt, time to feel, time to see
you stand alone no man by your side
only the strong survive
Track Name: Grim Reality
The more i see, the more i hate
another day is to much to take
stray from the path, youre out of time
i am the way i am the light

I can feel death hands surrounding me
pulled inside this grim reality
i can feel deaths hand surrounding me
now im drowning in eternity

You speak in whispers the cadence of cowards
while i devour you revel in power
you cant deny my crown
no matter how much im hated
you know that deep down inside
i truly cant be evaded
theres no bitch in my heart
no not a flicker of fear
while a lesser man crumbles a god perseveres
my break i silence was long over due
face reality its curtains for you
Track Name: Worlds Apart
Say ill never understand
never see what you have
think we are worlds apart
but we arent that far

Ive felt the same been down that road
been criticized ive felt that pain

you say i will never relate
you forget that we are cut from the same slate
youve turned your back on me
blinded by stories and not what you see

Degenerate, Low Life scum,
ive been called the same
Ive had my dark days
Maybe some day you'll see
blinded by the world shattered by defeat

ive felt the same, been down that road
i sympathize, ive felt that pain been cast aside
been criticized ive felt that pain
Track Name: Severed
What am i supposed to do
when things fall apart
fought this battle for so long
im buried
need to keep my head up
the truth is too much to bare

will i be here forever?
will i stay severed?

im severed
death has control
im severed taking its toll

the dark surrounding me
its closing in
caught between life and faith
im buried
cant keep my head up sentence been cast down
ill be here forever ill stay severed
Track Name: Numb
How can you stand what youve become
the person i cared for they are gone
sold me out and for what
youve cheated me dont cry for help

youve hung yourself with the hand youve dealt
you cheated me dont cry for help
everything was a lie so sad but true
i cant go on looking like a fool
everything weve had is down the drain
now im left with hate in my veins

nothing left inside become so numb
how can you stand what youve become
no more excuses no more lies
no one can help you why even try
Track Name: Hardside
Heard the scream but choose not to listen
saw the signs but choose to ignore
i dont know what you were thinking
you better be ready to endure

welcome to the place where things go to die
the coffin is open lay inside
following the light wont lead you home
torn apart skin off the bone

you should have turned and ran away
everything i had has gone away

gone this far cant turn back
the storm is coming train of the tracks
cant wake from this nightmare
this must be real my body is numb
cant stand to feel
Track Name: No Peace
How are you supposed to believe
when you never know
handed down all these lies
our future has been deneid

Lies corruption is all we know
the truth has been denied
broken beaten no peace
steal take lie cheat

No peace

Those on top are the ones that win
if you have the green you can commit the sins
pay the crime so you dont do the time
broken beaten no peace
steal take lie cheat

reap what you sow
scratch to survive
reap what you sow our future denied

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