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Vinyl on 6131 Records (USA) Out Of Press
Re released on 2009-2011 LP on Demons Run Amok Ent.
re released on Cassette on Task Force Records (Coming Soon)


released January 19, 2011


all rights reserved



Hardside Texas

Hardside is a Metallic Hardcore Band From San Antonio TX
2009- 2019

Hardside is:
Zane Pugh - Vocals
Patrick Flanigan - Guitar/ Vocals
Ely Castillo - Drums
Sammy Pajac - Guitar

Twitter -
Instagram @hardside
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Track Name: Crucified
Tryin to figure out the meaning of my life
This world is changing so fast so viscous,
Crucified for what ive done
Every man has his price wont be a sacrifice

Face the facts, we’ve lost control, no turning back

You’ve done your best to change me
Made people believe but i can see
Just look around the world is unfolding
But your lies keep coming

Will i survive this rat race or die like the rest
Wont keep it bottled up inside
I need to get it off my chest
Finding out every step we make
Arrest us for every rule we break
Hiding the truth from us even when its crumbling down
Everyone sees, but scared to challenge your say
I’m not like the rest, ill never go your way
Something has to be done
No more living life under the gun
You’ll never take this from me
You cant corrupt what i see
Standing up we'll fight i will never lose sight

How much lower can we go, will anyone ever know
I’ll fight to stay alive, I wont be crucified
Track Name: Nothing Left
Born dead into this life I live
Took it all from me nothing left to give
My heart beats but i wish i was dead
What's happened to the life that i used to live

You've let the greed take you away
Alone is how you'll spend the rest of your days

Treated me like shit this isn't a game
Everything you do is driving me insane
Born dead wish i wasn't here
Reached the breaking point nothing more to fear

Sick of you and what you've done to me
Open your eyes its time for you to see

Retrace the steps that we took
Forgives never comes no point to look
Gave it all to you got nothing in return
Now its time for the tables to turn
Track Name: Born To Lose
Born To Lose
Since day one forced to go this way
Born to lose go against there say
Strayed from the path so young
Some have three strike i have none
Did i choose this or has it chosen me
When will i learn, Will i ever see
Locked away walls imprison the free
My dead end path will be the end of me

Where did the time go how did i end up this way
Never planned for it put its reality
Change your ways before your ways change you
Never had a choice did what i had to do

In this life i was born to lose
Beat again at my own game
Secluded from the outside world
Locked away in this 8 by 10
Face to face with the problem
Running so fast but cant escape
My days are numbered can i last
Or have i taken my last breath

Choose now the path which to take
The dead end path or a new fate
Track Name: Two Faced
Tell me why i trusted you
Or why i put faith in you
Told me what i wanted to hear
Soon after disappeared
You said you'd be here for ever
But those were only words
As quick as you were here
Your back was turned

Piled up higher and higher
Your lies seem to never end
Hiding behind your front
Can't wait till is see your end
Hopes high but never stay that way
Lied to me for the last time
Relied on you, you left me burned
Why didn't i fucking learn

I never learned
should not have trusted you
I always give and you take
wont make the same mistakes

We all know you have two faces
We can see them now
You should have embraced your life
Instead of letting it fade out
Hopes high but never stay that way
Lied to me for the last time
Relied on you, you left me burned
Why didn't i fucking learn

Two faced motherfucker
Tell me why i trusted you
My life is pain
What the fuck have you been through
Every promise broken
Your worlds coming down
My hands around your neck
Now your six feet under ground
Track Name: Forever
2. Forever
Hung on to your words but there’s nothing left
The things once believed are false promises
Searching for peace but wont see the light
No solace coming all you have is time

Try and find peace in my suffering
Now your world is slowly coming down
Reduced to nothing you existence wont make a sound
You’ll feel all you’ve done to me forever feel my suffering
Can’t escape all your demons
Don’t have what it takes to find the light
You’re on your own
Swallowed by darkness the end is near nothing to gain everything to fear
Turn and run when things got hard,
Bridges burned you’re in the dark
Embrace all the pain
It’s only the beginning
Locked out all alone the truth you will never know
Tides change you’ll feel our pain in the circle of suffering

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